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4G koduvalve Tuya

433Mhz juhtmevaba WiFi  4G/GSM valveseade

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Saadavus: Tellimisel

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WiFi+GSM Burglar Alarm:


1. 2.4in TFT color display, GSM and WIFI dual network alarm, it can be connected with most products supporting for Tuya.
2. Just use your voice to control connected devices via for Alexa or for Google Home. It performs together automatic control with other smart devices that are compatible with for Smart Life.
3. It supports external wireless signal, alarm of door and window not closed, voice prompt operation.
5. It can intelligently identify pets, and it will not misreport the kitten or dog.
6. Ultra low power consumption, the infrared sensor is resistant to white light, strong wind, high temperature, high frequency and interference.
7. You can learn 100 wireless zones, and the first 10 wireless zones can be customized names. You can learn 10 remote controls and 10 RFID cards to customize your name.
8. There are languages that is switched at any time, Chinese, English, German, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Greek, Romanian.
9. Support 5 groups of alarm phone settings, you can set separately the alarm SMS switch and dial the phone switch.
10. Support 20 seconds alarm recording SMS, and it supports wireless sensor battery low voltage prompt.
11. Supports 5 zone modes, which can be set to doorbell mode.
12. If you enter the wrong password five times in a row, the keyboard will reject it for 90 seconds.
13. Built-in backup battery, it can supply power for up to 8 hours during power outage.

14. System supports 3 wired EOLR zones.


Item Type: WIF+GSM 4G Alarm
Input Voltage: Micro USB+5VDC Standard Power Supply
Wireless Frequency: 433Mhz
Wireless Coding: eV527
GSM System: 850/900/800/900MHz
WiFi: IEEE802.b/g/n
Backup Battery: 3.7V/500mAh Lithium Battery (Including)
Alarm Loudness: 85dB
Wireless Distance: Maximum 20m (Open Area)

Remote Control:
Working Voltage: DC3V (Built-In Lithium Button Battery)
Power Supply Mode: x Power Consumption CR2025 Button Battery (Including)
Working Frequency: 433MHz
Scope of Application: Anti-Theft System

Infrared Sensor:
1. Using the latest technology from israel, the latest program algorithm microprocessor
2. Ultra low power consumption, longer battery life (standby 2 years)
3. Built-in million encoding
4. Wireless transmission of data signals
5. Low voltage alarm function
6. Omnidirectional automatic temperature compensation
7. Intelligent logic analysis can prevent false positives
8. Anti-white light, anti-glare, anti-strong wind, high temperature resistance
9. Anti-high frequency interference
Working Frequency: 433MHz
Power Supply Mode: 3 x .5V AA Battery (Including)

Magnetic Sensor:
Power Supply: x CR2032 Button Battery (Including)
Wireless Frequency: 433MHz

RFID Card:
Frequency: 25KHz
Card Reading Distance: <2cm

Wired Siren:
Input Voltage: Micro USB+5VDC Standard Power Supply
Wireless Frequency: 433Mhz
Backup Battery: 3.7V/300mAh Lithium Battery (Including)
Wireless Distance: Maximum 20m (Open Area)

Package List:
1x WiFi GSM Alarm Host (Built-in 3.7V/500mAh Lithium Battery)
1x Magnetic Sensor (Built-in CR2032 Battery)
1x Infrared Sensor (Built-in 3 x .5V AA Battery)
2x Remote Control (Built-in CR2025 Battery)
1x Siren (Built-in 3.7V/300mAh Lithium Battery)
1x USB Data Cable
2x Screw Package
1x Power Supply
2x RFID Card
2x Adhesive Tape
1x Infrared Sensor Mounting Bracket
1x Connection Cable
3x Resistance
1x Instruction Manual